Save the date

Sustainable Gambling Conference 2021 October 5

It’s time to save the date for the 6th annual Sustainable Gambling Conference. This year’s theme is “Safer gambling: a shared responsibility”.

Save the date

Kindred Group hosts the Sustainable Gambling Conference each year bringing together experts from various fields of the industry. The purpose of the conference is to openly share ideas and discuss important topics for a sustainable gambling industry.

The theme of the 2021 conference is “Safer gambling: a shared responsibility”, focusing on how to offer customers a safe and secure experience while enjoying the thrills and excitement that represent gambling at its best. By working together, across operators, partners, regulators, researchers and other stakeholders we can meet these expectations and support the gambling industry in becoming more sustainable. We are looking forward to an exciting agenda with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Similar to last year, the conference will be hosted online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The conference is free to attend. So save the date, and look out for more information in August.

Why we host the Sustainable Gambling Conference

Kindred Group has hosted the Sustainable Gambling Conference since 2016 with a simple idea in mind; let’s connect the brightest minds across the industry to discuss how we can work together to secure a sustainable gambling industry. The Sustainable Gambling Conference aims to facilitate a broad discussion on how we can ensure a sustainable, long-term industry.

The conference brings together leading academics, researchers, gambling operators, psychologists, regulators, and treatment agencies under one roof to discuss the important topic of how to ensure a long-term, sustainable gambling industry.

As one of the largest operators in the world, Kindred is committed to offering our customers a safe and fair gambling environment. The success of Kindred Group is built on long-term sustainable relationships with our customers and the Group is committed to do all that is possible to promote responsible gambling and to help and support those who develop gambling problems.