SGC 2019

Building Relevance

The theme for the 2019 edition was ‘Building Relevance’ – in specific about how the industry can increase their relevance in society.



We heard speakers with various backgrounds, including Professor Mark Griffiths delivering a keynote on gambling and advertising, a panel of regulators from across Europe discussing future expectations within the industry, Derby County Community Trust presenting insights into their innovative Team Talk programme, the CEO from the European Football Development Network (EFDN) presenting how EFDN work with football clubs to benefit local communities, and many more.

Niels Erik Folmann CEO of Danske Spil, Kim Olesen, General Manager of Denmark and Italy for the Kindred Group, and Sarah Holloway, Advisor on Sustainability Strategy, met in a panel discussion, commenting on the rather negative public perception of the online gambling industry, and what measures the industry must take to improve their relevance and trust. 

Key Insights

Some of the key takeaways from the day includes a clear advice to understand and accept the impact the industry has on society and work on these in a transparent and open manner.

Kindred will continue to work on our responsibility and to be more transparent and open about how we operate and the impact we have.

This year’s conference once again evidenced the importance of gathering stakeholders across the stakeholder to highlight challenges we face and possible solutions, and Kindred will continue to take a leadership position on these important areas.

2019 Event Videos

Interview with Sarah Holloway
Interview with Luke Wilkinson
Interview with Hubert Rovers
Interview with Anna Jein
Interview with Henrik Tjärnström
Interview with Thomas Marcussen